My journey with Cacao

Me happy

I first encountered Ceremonial Cacao at a Winter Solstice Women’s Circle about 9 years ago and immediately felt a strong connection and calling.

I explored this beautiful plant medicine with further ceremonies and in my own daily rituals and practice. During one journey, I was gifted a cacao pod by Mama Cacao which sealed my love and path in my heart.

Cacao has helped me to bring my intentions and dreams to life including creating my sacred yurt space in my garden for wellbeing offerings.

She has helped me to come home to living from my heart.

Living each day in alignment, empowerment and love. Navigating the waves of whatever is happening in my world. Living with connection and respect for the Earth and the natural cycles of life.

I am passionate about sharing this loving plant medicine and completed an apprenticeship with Rebekah Shaman and continue to work as part of her community of certified Cacao Plant Medicine Practitioners.

I have also trained with Jordan Cohayney, medical herbalist and founder of the Cacao Club.

As a yoga teacher and in the past working in Integrative Psychotherapy, my Cacao Offerings are also influenced by and integrate these healing practices.

And of course, Cacao and my own heart are always my teachers.