Working with your cacao

Simple guidance and suggestions for working with your plant medicine at home in daily life

Cooking cacao edited

Cacao is wonderful brewed as a hot drink or in a smoothie; sprinkled on granola or porridge or to infuse your cooking with abundance.

Preparing your Ceremonial Cacao drink

  • Roughly chop your cacao into small pieces (around 0.5cm)
  • Bring your liquid to a low simmer on the hob, reduce the heat until no bubbles.
  • Add your chopped cacao, your prayers and blessings and stir until she melts.
  • You will see the natural oils of the cacao on the surface when she is ready.

Ceremonial cacao naturally tastes intense and bitter.

Explore using pure water, plant milk, and if you wish natural sweeteners like maple syrup and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Cacao can be stored for a year in a cool, dark, airtight container or longer in the freezer.

Dosage edited

Dosage Guidance:

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant medicine. Please work with her with respect for her potency and your own unique body.

Below are suggested dosages, please seek medical advice as required.

  • 10-15g for those new to Cacao, caffeine sensitive, pregnant, on heart medication or antidepressants or prone to intense anxiety or headaches
  • 15-25g for regular cacao drinkers
  • 30-42g for ceremonial use, recommended no more than once a month.

A full ceremonial dose is made with 42g cacao and 250ml water, adjust your amount of fluid to the number of grammes of cacao you are using and experiment to find your preferred consistency. For example, 20g with 125ml of fluid.

Cacao can be dehydrating so drink plenty of water regularly.

Cacao practice edited

Integrating Plant Medicine Cacao in your life:

Work with your cacao with intention, presence and love.

Beautiful integrated with practices such as meditation, journaling, yoga, dance, ritual, ceremony, time in nature and creative work.

For a deep connection with cacao, have your brew on an empty stomach and give yourself time to drop down and dive deep.

You may find grounding practices helpful after a deep experience; for example bathing, physical movement such as walking or swimming, a nourishing meal or using an energy cleanse such as agua de florida.

Enjoy, embrace and sending you love in your journey with cacao xx